Success Standards

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¨Success Standards¨ Inspirational Canvas by Bask&Boeket

  • Most people don’t ever achieve what they want in life, it’s not because they aren’t capable, it’s not because they lack opportunity, it’s not because of their circumstances and events that arrive in their life. It is because most of the people never define what they want in life and are not willing to put in the work needed! “Success Standards” was designed to be a day-to-day prompt of what it takes to reach victory! Burning desire, determination, hard work, and persistence will lead you to success, no doubt!

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Mini ( 4" x 6" ), Small ( 8" x 12" ), Medium ( 12" x 18" ), Large ( 18" x 24" ), Jumbo ( 40" x 60" )

Canvas Depth

Standard (1.5")


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